The Power of the Gastric Band

Your stomach is about the size of a melon. When it fills up you feel full. A gastric band fits like a collar around the top of your stomach and it creates a pouch a bit smaller than a tennis ball. When that pouch fills up you feel full and you simply can’t eat any more. It is as though your stomach has become ten times smaller.

gastric band

Preparing for your hypnotic gastric band

The hypnotic gastric band works in just the same way as the physical one: your intake of foods is restricted by your body so that you feel satisfied after very modest meals. There are just three key differences between the physical and the hypnotic band

  1. With a hypnotic band all adjustments are automatically done by continued use of the CD.
  2. With the hypnotic band there is no physical surgery, and hence no physical risks.
  3. The hypnotic band is many thousands of pounds cheaper.

Worried About Your Health Due To Being Overweight?

Are you one of the millions of overweight people who are in danger of developing life threatening diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and other serious diseases due to out-of-control weight gain? Are you also one of those that have also considered Gastric Band Surgery?

But maybe the fear of the Gastric Band surgery side-effects is the one thing that stops you losing weight

Side effects like

  • PAIN: Clearly any operation has pain. bruising and discomfort (maybe the thought of having your skin cut open and a surgeon inside you sends a shiver down your spine)
  • INFECTION: All and any surgery carries the risk of injury or infection (there are cases of death post Gastric Band surgery)
  • RECOVERY: It can be a long recovery time with day after day, week after week in bed (maybe you have kids, or are self employed and simply cannot afford that time off)
  • SICK LEAVE: Would your employer allow you a long period off?
  • COST: The price of surgery private is the price of a car. Can you afford to pay for the surgery? (average costs within the region of £3,500)

If you can admit to yourself you are overweight but have those fears I have good news for you.

Now You CAN Easily Drop The Pounds You Need To Vanish in Weeks and Reduce Your Waist Size by Inches


 Why It Works?

We believe there are more reasons to losing weight than just reducing foods. Have you seen people lose weight then not long after they appear to be bigger than ever? The main reason for this is – YES – losing weight is achievable using almost anything but long term weight loss has to address the core issues that create the eating habits in the first place. Does that make sense?

Food isn’t just a hunger issue, it’s also an emotional issue. Food comforts and fills a void that is ongoing. The surgery might stop the food going in but cannot address the real reasons for over-eating, binge eating and excess. That’s what makes us very, very different and hugely successful. Our program goes deep into the issues that cause your problems in the first place. It answers questions like why does this really happen? When did it begin? How can I stop it happening again? These are core, deep issues that are rarely if ever covered by conventional treatments. We go to the core. This helps you to lose weight and keep off your weight. The fact is… Gastric Band Hypnosis WORKS!


Do you suffer from

  • High blood pressure (risk of death)
  • Borderline diabetes (risk of death and amputation)
  • Thyroid problems
  • Heartburn that’s very painful
  • Gastroparesis, a stomach disorder that makes you nauseated, gassy, and bloated.
  • Do you have a BMI of 40 and above?

Chances are, you could be thinking about a Gastric Bypass.

The operation involves isolating a portion of the stomach with staples and sometimes bands.

This thumb-size pouch becomes the new stomach; usually, surgeons then attach the small intestine to it, thereby skipping most of the football-size stomach and some of the small intestine.

Gastric bypass isn’t a surefire cure for obesity. Within the first 2 years of surgery, patients typically lose 75 percent of the extra weight they were carrying.

Five years out, 85 percent of patients have regained about half of the weight they’ve lost. The other 15 percent have gained back even more.

Gastric band surgery is NOT a guarantee and can leave you with masses of excess skin, hair loss, nutritional deficiencies and more.

The Benefits For You Are Incredible!

  • Relationships: Better longer lasting relationships (Because your core issues are addressed, you’ll find your relationships will LAST)
  • Fitness: Fitter, able to do more than you have ever been able to do in your life. (When you feel fit you think fit, when you think fit you achieve more, This program creates higher than average achievers)
  • Health: Healthier, I feel incredible, look great and love seeing yourself in the mirror. (Don’t worry we know how you might feel looking in the minor right now. We promise this program removes that deepest fear and replace it with a more settle way of looking at your life)
  • Sport: Maybe for the first time in my life you’ll feel fit enough to play sports and now and then actually win. (When you can freely run around, chase a ball, use a racket, you’ll get a feeling of almost euphoria – this program is designed to help you get there fast!)
  • Energy: We have seen clients bursting with so much energy after this program you just won’t believe it! (If it sounds hard for you to imagine we almost guarantee you’ll overcome the one thing in your mind that stops you have that self-belief that you can do anything. This program is designed to energize you and it works!)


Are You Ready to Achieve Your Goal and Transform The Way You THINK About Yourself and Your Weight Forever?

Are you ready to literally MELT away excess body fat? Are you ready and waiting to wear slim clothes and walk out looking and feeling great again?

Remember our Gastric Band Hypnosis Program not only helps you achieve weight loss but also does one thing that an operation cannot do… RE-PROGRAMS a core thought deep inside you that caused your weight gain in the first place. PLUS… once this is done you’ll achieve more in the many areas of your life I have already talked about above.


  • Exercise is optional: Exercise is one of your core bodies needs so having the mindset to to this will help you but it’s just an option that is really up to you. We advise at least a walk daily but don‘t claim to be fitness experts!
  • Lose Inches in weeks: time and time again we have heard this through our programme that most people are achieving their target weight.
  • Gastric band hypnosis aims to gently hypnotise your mind into the belief it has a gastric band fitted. There is NO danger in this or your mind being ‘altered’. This has been created to hit into your deeper thoughts regarding weight and the longer issues you are having (some you won’t even be aware of)… IT WORKS!
  • The programme will change your mind’s relationship with food. The cravings, the binging. the eating when you stop your car, the snacking when you drink coffee. the binge, binge. binge moments will be totally gone! Food as a comfort though will be removed from your mind!
  • The programme will address the emotional aspect you might be having with eating and weight management You think you don’t have that? Most weight gain or any other problems start in the mind, not the body. We will help you address an emotional trigger that is making you gain weight This is critical to helping you lose your weight fast!
  • The programme helps goal setting, habit changing and positive thinking to further enhance quality of life.
  • And… if you feel you are slipping, listen to the CD again for a top up!